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What is Tyrefill?

Tyrefill is a soft urethane compound that completely fills the tyre, replacing all of the air and eliminating flats.  Tyrefill contains the deflation proof characteristics comparable to pneumatic tyres. It is designed to operate under severe working conditions where tyre abuse is common.
Anywhere operations are disrupted due to tyre failure. In general the tougher the territory, the greater the need for Tyrefill. Below are some users of Tyrefill.
Airports, Air Cargo Services, Asphalt Contractors, Cement Plants, Construction Sites, Drilling Contractors, Docks, Equipment Leasing, Factories, Farms, Foundries, Glass Manufacturers, Land Fill, Scrap Yards, Steel Mills, Timber Yards, Waste Disposal Plants.


How does Tyrefill work?

Trained Tyrefill operators, use a precision dispensing system developed in the U.S.A. especially for flat- proofing tyres.  Tyrefill is two component urethane resins that are blended into the tyre and rim assembly under pressure through the valve stem. As the tyre cavity is filled, air is vented through a small hole at the top of the tyre. When the tyre is completely filled, the vent hole is sealed and the tyre is hydraulically pressurized to the appropriate operating pressure. After a curing time of 24 hours the liquid resin has set to a soft resilient urethane rubber that offers these advantages over solid rubber tyres.    
  • A significantly softer ride adding to operator comfort and longer equipment life.
  • Greater traction due to increased draw bar pull.
  • No restriction on tread design or tyre size.
  • Lower rolling resistance with improved energy conservation.